Using mind maps for writing

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Using mind maps for writing

By Luigi Benetton When I start to write a document, the ideas in it never get to the page in publishable order.

Using mind maps for writing

Many writers feel a compulsion to write from the start of a new document. That compulsion could make writing feel like cycling while gently holding the brakes. What writers need is a method they can use to create a first draft.

Of course, lots of magic happens during revision of that draft, when writers refine their thoughts. But they need a first draft to work from. If getting to that first draft is difficult for you, read on.

Brilliant Brainstorms: How to Use Mind Maps to Jump-Start Writing

In my pre-computer high school days, I was taught to write individual sentences on cue cards, or index cards. I could also create new cards and remove ones I no longer needed. This was my introduction to mind mapping.

Do you want to see what that looks like? Later on, I move nodes or add and delete them as needed. Once I have my nodes lined up the way I want them, I copy the root node into a text document so that I can begin writing. All my points appear in the order I set, waiting for me to link them together, to write from point to point.

That first draft is half the battle, and it takes much less time to write than it would using other methods. This is a read-only version. However, you should be able to: Zoom in and out. Mouse over nodes to fold and unfold them.

You might notice that this version does not read the same way that this post does. Remember — the map is only a first draft.

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I refined the post further after I mapped it. As this video shows, MindNode diagrams can be exported in various formats and shared in different applications and devices. Other tools might help you handle some of those.A mind-map can be created using a regular pen and paper or whiteboard, or it can be created on the computer using various software.

Examples of free software which can be used to create mind-maps are FreeMind and XMind. · dancing, writing, reading etc., which naturally capture our mind’s attention.

In my experience, the biggest advantage of Mind Maps is that they help the user engage better with the subject on hand, thus enhancing individual creativity. And the reason Adding Value to Projects Using Mind Maps Although the concept of Mind Mapping dates back some 25 years, Mind Mapping software is much newer.

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So, always on the lookout for things that will help organize the gazillion bits and pieces of information I collect in the process of writing a novel, I set off to investigate this  · Combine disparate items from different genre mind maps to create a new genre, or at least to add some strangeness to your storyline.

Subvert your genre. This is the easiest way to shake things up a bit if your plot is becoming a bit too  · Rather than attempting to record thoughts in a sequential, linear fashion (i.e.

writing these down in lists or paragraphs), students can find it helpful to collect, record and organise ideas graphically, using visual diagram such as a mind ESL Writing Lesson – Mind Mapping The purpose of this ESL writing lesson is to give students an opportunity to work in groups and use the three elements of paragraph style which we studied in class: strong opening sentence, logical organization and

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