The importance of the innovations by chinese

Consumer Technology Association CTAsaid he was impressed by Chinese innovations in the consumer technology industry, from drones and smartphones to innovative mobile services, etc. China's importance in global consumer technology industry is not only reflected by its strong manufacturing, but also its increasing engagement in innovative new areas, Shapiro, also CTA chief executive officer, told Xinhua in a recent interview. In regard to China's rising importance in technology innovation, international media widely reported that some western tech companies are turning to Chinese firms for ideas.

The importance of the innovations by chinese

Why is innovation so important to China? John Kaodubbed "Mr. This post is the second of six pieces by John about his recent trip to China.

The first post was China as an innovation nation. Check back each morning this week at 8am for the next installment. The obvious answer to this question is linked to the importance of economic growth as a driver of social development, a rising standard of living and national eminence.

And if global economic policy makers have their way, China will revalue its currency upward, which will make its cost structure and exports more expensive. Thus, China will likely become a higher-cost producer, whether because of lower-cost competition, higher currency value or greater social investment.

Its current business model is vulnerable as low-cost manufacturing - its traditional value creation engine - inevitably slows down.

It is natural therefore that China would seek a big answer through innovation in desiring to move to the higher value added, upstream part of the economic spectrum.

In addition, China has a clear economic interest in diversifying into service industries, a move that so far has not met with significant success by their own admission. First, I believe that there will be an explosion of interest in social innovation there as pressure for a higher standard of living increases.

Local brands are not recognized. First of all, it must be remembered that China has been a society deeply interested in knowledge and discovery for several thousand years.

The importance of the innovations by chinese

China has historically been a source of an astonishing amount of new ideas that resulted in the development of gunpowder, hydraulic engineering, seismic sensors, pharmaceuticals - going back millennia. Maybe this is why China needs to be more careful about its IP position in the future. China invented gunpowder, but used it to make fireworks.

It was left to the West to apply gunpowder to the development of weapons. Finally, innovation is important to China because it fits the times.

The importance of the innovations by chinese

There is pent-up desire to improve the state of Chinese society, and innovation is seen as key to this. Few countries have known as much hardship. So it is really only in the last few decades that China has achieved any kind of stability.

And in this period, China has experienced a remarkable explosion of socially constructive energy. The skyline of China is mute testimony to this, festooned as it is with new skyscrapers exemplifying some of the very best and some of the worst of modern architecture. And one feels the wealth everywhere in such terms as couture brands, as well as Maserati and Maybach dealerships.

China today is a country filled with ambition that aims if only unconsciously to reclaim its mantle as the middle kingdom. Thus its stance on innovation policy, which will be discussed in greater detail in posts coming up later this week, becomes clearer by referring to a historical context.

China does not want to depend on others. And it is crucial to understand that China does not wish to participate in what it perceives to be unequal or disadvantageous relationships with foreigners.

Rather, it wishes to create the domestic capability to be able generate innovation itself and has translated this into a set of explicit national goals and initiatives. It is investing like there is no tomorrow in innovation infrastructure in such terms as universities, broadband, talent policies, economic clusters and new investment regimes.

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As regards innovation in China, the past is truly prologue and the future is being fueled by the highest possible level of innovation ambition. The views expressed in this article are solely those of John Kao.In regard to China ' s rising importance in technology innovation, international media widely reported that some western tech companies are turning to Chinese firms for baby care e.

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The Four Great Inventions (simplified Chinese: In the 19th century, Karl Marx commented on the importance of gunpowder, the compass and printing, "Gunpowder, the compass, and the printing press were the three great inventions which ushered in bourgeois society.

While creativity is the ability to produce new and unique ideas, innovation is the implementation of that creativity - that's the introduction of a . The extent and speed of China’s advances in innovation will have significant implications for the country’s growth and competitiveness and for the types of jobs, products, and services available to the Chinese people.

Sep 13,  · But the breadth of the Chinese innovation agenda, the desire eventually to be eminent in all aspects of the innovation horizon, suggests a desire for self-reliance in the innovation domain foreshadowed by the emperor’s comment to Marco Polo.

Finally, innovation is important to China because it fits the times.

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