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Science,9 N xnc sd, doi: Dasatinib purchased from Selleck. Combinational treatment of kinase inhibitors induces the similar phenotype produced by PP1.

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All images are lateral view with dorsal to the top and anterior to the left. Cell Res 21, B-CLL patient leukemic cells were exposed to serial doses of Dasatinib or Nutlin- 3 used either alone or in combination, with a fixed ratio, for 48 hours.

Dose-effect plots, to determine drug efficacy, are shown for representative B-CLL samples, including 3 patients carrying 17p- Pt. The decrease of cell viability, labeled "effect" on the Y-axis, was determined in assays done at least twice in duplicate.

Clin Cancer Res 17, Dasatinib interferes with the p53 transcriptional activity induced by Nutlin Representative examples of Western blot results are shown. Tubulin staining is shown as loading control; after densitometric analyses, p53 as well as MDM2 and p21 protein levels are expressed as folds of protein modulation, by the indicated treatments, with respect to the control untreated cultures set to 1 hatched line.

Role of Akt in Dasatinib cytotoxicity and in DasatinibtNutlin-3 synergy. Spot densities of phospho-proteins were quantified using Image Quant TL software and normalized to those of positive controls set at on the same membrane. Validation of phospho-kinase array results was carried out by Western blot analysis of P-Akt levels.

Changes in viability are given as percentage of cells as compared to non-treated control samples.

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This experiment was repeated at least three times, yielding comparable results. Biochem Pharmacol 82, Cytotoxicity by Dasatinib treatment in leukemic cells. Invest New Drugs 30, Human phospho-kinase array analysis in response to Dasatinib treatment. Spot densities of phospho-proteins were quantified using Image Quant TL software and normalized to those of positive controls on the same membrane.

In b, analysis of modulation of phosphorylation of STAT family members in response to Dasatinib spots not shown. Cells were either left untreated Unt. One of three experimentswith similar results is shown.

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Effect of dasatinib on endothelial cell actin fiber organization. Images were taken in a confocal microscope X. Cancer Med,6 4: Inhibition of cell growth upon culturing of primary bone marrow cells from an EMS patient and a healthy control in presence of TKIs in vitro.

EMS cells showed reduced cell growth compared to the healthy control cells when cultured with ponatinib, dovitinb or dasatinib.


Cell growth was evaluated after 72 hours in culture. All samples were normalized to DMSO controls. Non-linear regression curves were fitted for evaluation of IC50 values.

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