Managerial and organizational behavior office space essay

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Managerial and organizational behavior office space essay

In Office Space, the main character, Peter, works at Initech, a software company. His job consists of sitting in a cubicle crunching numbers all day long, which is enough to make anyone go crazy. Office Space traces the course of his realization that he despises his job and should rebel against it.

Office Space depicts an oppressing, unsatisfactory view of the working world in an attempt to demonstrate unhealthy and ineffective practices that many businesses and organizations utilize.

While many elements in Office Space are absurd and exaggerated, many ring true with experiences shared by anyone who has worked in a classically-managed organization.

By presenting the daily horrors that such organizations can create, the film serves as a model of what a successful organization ought to avoid.

Office Space depicts many practices that are associated with the classical approach to organizations. Approaches and Processes, classical theory involves specialization, standardization, replaceability, and predictability.

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Individuals do not matter in a classical organization. Miller examines different theories of classical management and describes classical organizations as having a clearly defined hierarchy, centralized power, and a strict emphasis on rules.

Furthermore, communication comes from the top-down, is focused on work-related issues, and is generally written. Those at the top of the hierarchy are primarily concerned with getting the job done and are not concerned with individual employee needs.

In Office Space, one can see all of these classical elements in practice. Power is extremely centralized at Initech with Bill Lumbergh at the top of the ladder.

Managerial and organizational behavior office space essay

He is a greedy, overbearing authoritarian and abuses his power in many ways — he has his own reserved parking spot right in front of the building, he forces Peter to come in to work on the weekends, and he is very condescending to his employees.

Others in high positions within the company are also condescending. Those in higher positions at Initech do not see the workers as individuals who are worth knowing. Having people constantly mispronounce his name, Samir does not feel like a valued part of the organization.

In accordance with the machine metaphor, he is simply viewed as a disposable part, no different from anyone else at the office. Initech values efficiency more than anything else and even brings in outside consultants to help make the company more efficient. The classical notion of replaceability is evident in the film.

The consultants explain that they are bringing in entry-level workers from Singapore to replace them, which indicates that anyone, even recent college graduates, can perform the job.

Workers at Initech are simply interchangeable cogs in a machine. In addition to the classical approach, Miller examines other organizational approaches that have resulted from criticisms of classical management, such as the human relations approach and the human resources approach, which both value the individual workers.

If both sets of characteristics are present, then workers are happy and satisfied. If they are absent, workers are unhappy and unsatisfied. Most of these characteristics are absent at Initech, which suggests that Initech workers are neither happy nor satisfied with their jobs.

The primary reason they are unhappy and dissatisfied is lack of motivation. Their work is not challenging which, in turn, makes it uninteresting. Furthermore, Initech employees have no means for self-actualization. Employees at Initech are required to do only the bare minimum to get the job done.

When the consultants, Bob and Bob, meet with all of the employees, many of them cannot even explain what their job entails. Peter tells them that he only works fifteen minutes out of the day, while the rest is spent staring blankly at the computer screen.

The only thing that motivates him to do his job is to stay in the good graces of the upper management, who would otherwise make his life difficult. The lack of concern that Lumbergh and the other higher-ups have for their employees is constantly reinforced in the film.

The physical working conditions of Initech also lack the qualities that would make working there enjoyable and satisfying.

The employees work in tiny cubicles that block their view of the windows, representing the closed system technique of eliminating outside distractions. The copy machine never works, their supplies i.

Managerial and Organizational Behavior – Office Space Essay Sample Free Essay

Anyone would be unhappy working in these conditions. In this theory, managers see their workers as unmotivated, unintelligent, and in need of strong direction from upper management. Theory X correlates to the classical approach to management, while Theory Y correlates to the human relations approach and is, therefore, more desirable in the workplace.

However, advocates of the human resources approach criticize the human relations approach because it often can be misused. He also holds a birthday party in the office for himself of course and lets all the workers take a break to have some cake, although there are not enough pieces for everyone.

Lumbergh and the other higher-ups act concerned for the employees and feign cheerful expressions, but one can easily see through this charade.Jul 29,  · The movie Office Space, directed by Mike Judge in ,examines and critiques various organizational practices in our society. In Office Space, the main character, Peter, works at Initech, a software company.

His job consists of sitting in a Reviews: 4. Organizational Behavior: Office Space Stephanie Fasulo MGMT University of La Verne Professor Maria C. Duran the culture determines the organizational behavior within the establishment.

This essay looks at the manner of handling organizational behavior using a Managerial and Organizational Behavior - Office Space: A Case Study. Office Space is a great illustration of irrational direction and eccentric human behaviour.

The executives at the fabricated company in the film.

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Initech. make non show successful managerial organisational accomplishments. Published: Tue, 16 May Abstract. This research paper looks at the organizational structure of Initech office in the movie Office Space. The paper makes reference to the movie in analyzing organizational behavior in terms of motivation, group dynamics, and organizational structure and culture.

Managerial and Organizational Behavior - Office Space: A Case Study Words Jul 28th, 20 Pages AbstractThere are four major influences that can impact an organization's structure.

Office Space is a great example of irrational management and bizarre human behavior. The executives at the fictitious company in the movie, Initech, do not demonstrate successful managerial organizational .

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