Limnic eruptions essay

One such lake is Lake Nyos, known to the locals as "the bad lake.

Limnic eruptions essay

Earth Science The earth rumbles, grumbles, snorts, and regurgitates- it spews hot liquids and poisonous gases. It tears at land by winds and water by stillness. It is as if the earth is at war with itself. Trapped within this war are the creatures that inhabit the planet.

Thinking man can do little about most of these natural events except to observe and marvel. Weather, volcano eruption, and earthquakes happen. These natural phenomenon cannot be controlled or predicted. As human knowledge grows, man devises means to deal with natural events.

Some events create greater mystery than others.

Limnic eruptions essay

Limnic eruptions are relatively new phenomenon that has caught the eye of perplexed scientists. Limnic eruptions have happened twice. The Lake Monoun eruption in caused 37 people to die. Two years later Lake Nyos erupted killing more than people.

The deaths were caused by asphyxiation. The shock of such strange occurrences has raised many questions within the scientific community.

The main questions stand out: What are these events? What are there causes? Based on eyewitness accounts and biological testing, scientists have created the following scenario of Limnic eruptions. Carbon dioxide collects at the bottom of a lake over time.


Suddenly the bottom of the lake literally explodes releasing a the gas in a gigantic bubble. The deaths are associated with oxygen deprivation which is consistent with high levels of carbon dioxide.

The people and livestock were literally choked to death. What is the cause for such rare occurrences?

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There are many explanations offered. Some claimed that it was due to a chemical warfare attack while others see an alien event. There are those that point to punishment for offending some sinister god.

However, the evidence seems to point in another direction. Volcanic eruptions leave indisputable evidence: Limnic eruptions leave deaths of human and livestock consistent with asphyxiation and no signs of burns.

The lack of volcanic activity of any type is noteworthy. No evidence of earthquake or land movement is reported at the time of the eruptions. Normal claims have to be put aside.A limnic eruption is a Geomorphological hazard because the occurrence of the eruption takes place first starting within the earth from the underlying magma reservoir.

It is very rare natural disaster, so rare there have only ever been two historic recordings both taking place in Cameroon, Africa. 4-LIMNIC ERUPTIONS: A limnic eruption occurs when a gas, usually CO2, suddenly erupts from deep lake water, posing the threat of suffocating wildlife, livestock and humans.

Such an eruption may also cause tsunamis in the lake as the rising gas displaces water. The Lake Nyos Limnic Eruption was located in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, Africa.

Lake Nyos is an active crater lake that formed by a volcanic eruption about 5 centuries ago. Lake Nyos is roughly one square mile in surface area, with a maximum depth of feet. A limnic eruption is an extremely rare natural disaster, in which carbon dioxide builds up within the lake only to be violently expelled, which in turn poses a threat of suffocation to those around it.4/4(1).

At the Earth’s surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by vibration, shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground. -VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS: The effects include the volcanic eruption itself that may cause harm following the explosion of the volcano or the fall of rock.

Limnic eruptions essay

Second, lava may be produced during the eruption of a volcano. A limnic eruption, also referred to as a lake overturn, is a rare type of natural disaster in which dissolved carbon dioxide (CO) suddenly erupts from deep lake waters, forming a gas cloud that can suffocate wildlife, livestock, and humans.

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