Inspector calls coursework

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The name Eva, which is similar to Eve- from Adam and Eve, plus the fact that Smith is the most common English surname, implies that Eva Smith represents every lower-class working girl. Dramatic irony is used in the play, for example when Mr. B Priestley set this play in

Inspector calls coursework

Inspector calls coursework

The setting of the play was really attractive as it was written at the end of the Second World War. People wanted to entertain themselves after so much tension and stress during the War. However, this play did more than just entertain. It is a thought-provoking play which encourages people to think about society and responsibility.

The audience in would have just experienced a terrible Second World War, with great loss and destruction. They would also be aware of the Inspector calls coursework World War which was an earlier catastrophe.

The fact that the play was set in before the First World War, means that the audience have additional knowledge of Inspector calls coursework world, unlike the Birlings.

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As you have used the theme of responsibility, it reminded me that we all have responsibilities in our lives. There are still people who are going to war without realising the consequences and the effects on lives of innocent people.

There are still people in the world today who are starving while people who are extremely rich and getting richer by the minute take no note of the poor.

There are people around us who are peddling drugs without thinking of its effect on countless children and members of the society. Each member of the family has a different attitude towards responsibility. There is a similarity between Mrs Birling and Shelia.

In real life, we all have different attitudes to responsibility for our parents, family, friends, work and school. In your play, you as the playwright, encourage people to seize the opportunity at the end of the war and give them a chance to build a better, more caring society.

For example, just before the Inspector walks in to the Birling household unexpectedly, he creates a dramatic effect by his statement and the use of dramatic irony shocks the audience.

I loved the ending of the play. The ending leaves the audience on a cliff-hanger. The tension comes back flooding in. It is a surprising final twist. I particularly liked the use of music because it created an effective atmosphere. I also liked the use of lighting because it is very attractive; the lighting involves the audience into the play.

There are two dramatic devices used in this version: The Inspector is in the street outside speaking, with children walking around as though they were homeless.

The Inspector was dressed up in dark suit with an overcoat. Lighting also makes an effect as it reflects the mood of the play.

Jun 05,  · In the story, “An Inspector Calls”, Priestley wants the audience to realise the nature of society, through his characters, Sheila and Birling. His character Arthur . English Coursework An Inspector Calls. This is a very long quotation. It was important to include all of it, as it makes a big change in the character of Sheila can see she is no longer joking about what she’s now upfront and to the pointYou can see from this Priestley feels it would take something big or shocking. An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay Sample. An Inspector Calls is about a family which helps towards the death of a young girl, Eva Smith. The name Eva, which is similar to Eve- from Adam and Eve, plus the fact that Smith is the most common English surname, implies that Eva Smith represents every lower-class working girl.

My use of music will reinforce the message of the play by drawing attention when responsibility or society is being discussed. Spotlights will only be used in underlining the significance of the entrances of key characters.

These techniques forces the characters in the play as well as the audience who are watching the play to rethink their understanding of major issues like responsibility, truth and inclusiveness of all members of the society.

As we are not alone in society, we have to think of the other members of the society with sympathy and compassion. He reminds everyone about the importance of responsibility and society.

Tension will rise by the effect of dramatic background music. Then, slowly, he will start his final speech. By using repetition, he is showing the vast amount of people that will need help at some point in their lives.Jan 10,  · An Inspector Calls was written by J.B.

Priestley, after the Second World War. It is set in the spring of in the fictitious town of Brumley, England. This is where the Birlings, a prosperous industrial family, feelthefish.coms: How does JB Priestley Use the Inspector to Comment on Social Injustice “An Inspector calls” - Coursework Introduction The play “an inspector calls” is set in the year , the same year that the great ship Titanic sunk.

Coursework - An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestly keeps the audience interested in a variety of ways and uses a lot of different strategies; he uses a number of things to build up tension and then brings it back down again. Coursework On An Inspector Calls I am going to do a piece of coursework on a comparison of two speeches, one is on Inspector Goole and the other is on Mr Birling.

This will include a close analysis of dramatic devices and language feature, but first I will tell you a little bit about the play. This is a short SoW planned in preparation for iGCSE English Literature coursework. Includes many activities and character analysis, and essay preparation exercises.

Lacks some detail due to teaching time restraints, but provides a good basis for develop. Coursework – An Inspector Calls In act one of ‘An Inspector Calls’ how does Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest them and involve them in his play?

An Inspector calls was written in , (first performed in ) and although he had the idea for the play.

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