Good fences make good neighbours essay help

The only hole on which golfers do not complain about the number of shots they took.

Good fences make good neighbours essay help

I try not to assume that what is old is bad. Nor do I believe that time necessarily brings progress. Below I have listed items that I consider both admirable and worthy of mention.

These are aspects of Slovak culture, that, for all practical purposes, Americans once had and have generally parted with. Is some of it good? Is some of it bad? Perhaps they might wear pajamas or poorly fitting clothes, clothing with holes, or clothing that is so loose and revealing that it should only have be worn in private.

All of these and worse might appear at the grocery store, or the nearest Walmart, or on a person bouncing around town running errands. Americans, in general, tend to be quite casual about how they dress in public.

Slovaks tend to have a very different attitude about how to dress when going to town. It seems to be the case whether going to work, going shopping, or going out on both romantic and friendly dates. One must make an effort to look good in town.

How very impressed I continue to be to see the insistence that many Slovaks of all ages put into dressing up. In Slovakia it is very clear that there is one type of acceptable wardrobe for the home and garden and a very different acceptable wardrobe if you plan to leave your property. And especially elegant, in my opinion, is the standard by which many Slovak women dress to go to town.

Running for a bus on cobblestone, dressed well, in high heels somehow does not seem to faze a Slovak woman in the slightest. This can be an unflattering sight.

When leaving the home, even if just to run a few quick errands, many people take care to dress up. While it may not be a very strong time for organized religion in Slovakia, the Sabbath is observed nonetheless.

On Sundays there is little traffic, cars are clearly left unmoved, fewer people are out, most businesses are closed, even restaurants might be closed all day long. Stores close up early or stay closed all day.

good fences make good neighbours essay help

People stay at home or go to the garden. A nicer meal is often eaten for Sunday lunch than what would be eaten during the rest of the week.

good fences make good neighbours essay help

The family might even all sit together at one time at the table. Sunday is a different day than all the rest in Slovakia and you get the feeling that there is something sacred and special. Not everything is for sale. Across the border in Austria, which is in many ways much more westernized than Slovakia, aside from a church it is very difficult to find anything open at all.

It seems this tradition of honoring Sundays is widely appreciated. A friend, whenever she would teaching the novel Like Water for Chocolate used to do an exercise with students where she asked them about their favorite traditions.

In the capital, Bratislava, this tradition is waning slightly, but it still seems true that many Slovaks, atheists included, consider their Sunday afternoons sacred time. Example 3 — Train Travel is Elegant and often Pleasant The communists did not plan for a car to be the birthright of every human being over the age of The tight traffic in Bratislava shows that the city was not ready for the current influx of cars.

This tight traffic happens even though many people still do not own a car. The difficulty of parking in high density residential areas further illustrates this. In some residential areas, every available piece of sidewalk doubles as a parking space and double parking tends to be normal.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

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