Avoiding reality at all cost

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Avoiding reality at all cost

Doug's post is the launch of a new series of guest posts by Idea Champion's clients -- our attempt to provide our readers with unique viewpoints, insights, and a healthy dose of in-the-trenches-wisdom. Frankly, I am pretty sick of it most days, with its in-your-face, glowing white noise electric fueled buzz, tweets and dinging OMG LOLs.

Like my amped up, power tool-obsessed neighbors we call them "" -- the neighbors of the beastit's loud, annoying and really cramping my style.

Yes, we are all inter-connected, but even more, we are creatures in love with our cages -- living within our own little boundaries that define our world views and limit our possibilities.

Ironically, we have never been better informed as a species, able to access unprecedented levels of information that hold the promise to empower and expand.

Avoiding reality at all cost

In Avoiding reality at all cost week, the New York Times contains more information than a person had access to in a lifetime in the 18th century. And yet, escaping reality has become an addiction. Astoundingly, the average young person racks up 10, hours of gaming by the age of 21 -- or 24 hours less than they spend in a classroom for all of middle and high school if they have perfect attendance.

That's one way to avoid reality. Here are three other ways I prefer: No, this doesn't require redefining the meaning of drug testing in the footsteps of Hunter "I-hate-to-advocate-drugs-alcohol-violence-or-insanity-to-anyone-but-they've-always-worked-for-me" S.

It does, however, require plugging in, not dropping out. Last month, for example, my son, who lives on the opposite coast, e-mailed me saying that he had just enrolled in a Berkley School of Music on-line songwriting course. I had also enrolled in the same course two weeks earlier.

Independently, we had both come across Coursera. I began my first course Think Again: How to Reason and Argue in mid-November withfellow classmates from around the planet! Rebel Within One quintessential element of avoiding reality lies in our ability to imagine possibilities that lie outside of our or our organization's reality tube and then innovating a way to get there.

With the rise of fast food and pre-packaged food in the 's, coupled with millions of mom's leaving the kitchen for the workforce, there was a steep decline in baking product sales. Henry Ford put it another way, "If I had asked them what they had wanted, they would have said a faster horse.

When we were infants, our minds were like rain forests -- a virgin ecosystem free of boundaries and rational limits. We gained experiences and created "footsteps" in the forest via synaptic connections that allowed us to survive and make sense of the world.


Over time and repetition these footsteps become trails and then roads and then super highways. The resulting "mental GPS" allows you to read this blog, sip coffee, check the time, adjust the temperature.

The downside is that refining a whole world of options into an efficient few means that many, many other choices are automatically discarded. It is in the combination of extreme choices where our innovative freedom lies and everything remains possible.Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation--and Positive Strategies for Change [Linda Babcock, Sara Laschever] on feelthefish.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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